Our most recommended stores 

Welcome to the Bodhi Ayurveda Resources section, a curated list of online stores and products we strongly recommend for your health and well being. We only recommend stores and products that we test and use for our own well being.  Because of our relationship with these organizations, we are able to negotiate a discount for you on your purchases.  Please note the discount code listed in the image and use them at checkout. 

Before diving into these awesome resources we know and trust, an important disclosure:

Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I may earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. Please understand that we have experience with all of these companies, and we recommend them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions we make if you decide to buy something. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals.

Ayurveda Resources

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Experience the most divine Ayurvedic herbal formulations, self care products and gifts.  These are the most highly recommended products I offer to my clients, family and friends. SVA stands for Shaka Vansiya Ayurveda and they offer unique pranically charged formulations that are user-friendly, effective, and safe, using multiple advanced delivery systems: oral, transdermal, transmucosal, including protocols for the  Transdermal Marma System (TMS).  


Founded by Vaidya Ramakant Mishra, primary Ayurvedic Physician, Researcher, Educator, and Formulator, he comes from a long lineage of ayurvedic experts, who once also served as Raj Vaidyas - personal doctors to the royalty of India.  Shop at chandika.com.

Banyan Botanicals is one of the most complete sites for finding all things Ayurveda. Whether it is abhyanga oils, herbal supplements or bulk herbs for cooking, Banyan Botanicals has it all!  

Essential Ayurveda has a complete line of natural organic Ayurvedic products. Products include natural deodorants, skin care, hair care and aromatherapy essential oil blends. All products are available through the Essential Ayurveda web site. 


Steeped in tradition, Kottakkal has manufactured traditional Ayurvedic formulations for over 100 years.  Offering massage oils, herbal blends, medicated aristhams, ghritams, Lehams, and tablets, we are blessed to have these products available to us in the United States. Shop at www.kottakkal.shop.

LifeSpa’s Mission: To Advance Ancient Wisdom with Modern Science

LifeSpa offers an online store providing a multitude of Ayurvedic remedies, herbs and supplements, a database containing over 1000 articles and videos proving ancient medicine using modern science. LifeSpa is located at the base of the Rocky Mountains in sunny Boulder, Colorado. 

Dr. John Douillard is seen as an expert in the field of Ayurveda and Functional Medicine. Shop at www.lifespa.com.

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Enjoy the skin care line that we use in our facial treatments.  Ajara is an all natural skin care line made in Wisconsin.  Find all your Ajara skin care needs on Ayurveda Experience.

Not sure where to start?  Take the Ayurveda Skin Care Quiz

Self Care Resources

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Jade Bloom is a small family run Essential Oil company in Utah.  In addition to Essential Oils at some of the best prices for the quality, they offer a number of self care products made with natural products and essential oils. 

They even have an online University where you can learn about essential oil and earn points towards future purchases. 

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When it comes to a wide variety of herbs, spices, base oils, essential oils, tea blends and other botanical supplies, no one beats Mountain Rose Herbs.  They are very generous with information, blending recipes and sourcing of organic materials. 

Unlock Your Biological Data by ordering your own blood tests.  

Taking control of ordering your own blood work gives you insight into the most important laboratory – your own body. With three easy steps, you can get baseline screening blood tests or decide to take a deeper dive by ordering from our menu of advanced biomarkers.

Order your lab work today at www.yourlabwork.com.

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Founded by Dr, Doug Group, Global Healing has a simple philosophy: If you cleanse your body of accumulated toxins and take steps on a wellness journey, at your own pace, your body will start to heal itself. They believe the journey should include a healthy — preferably plant-based — diet, physical fitness, plenty of sleep, water, and peacefulness. Add in high-quality nutritional supplements where your diet falls short. With these vital things, you can experience what it means to feel your best. 

I use these products for liver detoxification and vitamin and mineral supplements with great success. 

Enlightened Gifts

If you haven't noticed, we like all things Buddha and Bodhi trees.  

Buddha Groove, a family owned business is an online store offering a thought-provoking collection of items and gifts that invigorate the human spirit.  They have a beautiful selection of home accents, garden décor, jewelry and personal items infuses contemporary design with the collected wisdom of historical icons, spiritual leaders, modern-day humanitarians and, of course, the Buddha’s gentle teachings.

Shop online at www.buddhagroove.com.

The I AM Coloring book

Over 30 pages of hand drawn images of Hindu Gods and Goddesses.  Coloring each page will give you inspiration of your inner strengths and create a peaceful, meditative state of mind. 

Proceeds from your purchase of this book support the Kripa Foundation, an India based charity helping kids regain their life off the streets and drugs using yoga and meditation.

Illustrations by local Milwaukee Artist Heather Eiden, project oversight by Carol Nace. 

Click on the image to purchase your copy through Amazon today. 

Ways to Save

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I love Rakuten (formerly EBATES)!  Over the past year, I've saved hundreds of dollars on personal and professional expenditures at major online and brick and mortar stores. Rakuten offers reminders to activate a store so you don't miss out on a deal. Use their website or app to search for deals at all your favorite shops.  Sign up for a free account today and receive an extra $10 on your first purchase over $25.