Foundations of Bliss Retreat
Troncones, Mexico

An 8 Day Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat

Casa del Manzanillo & Yoga del Pacifico

February 4 -11, 2023

Troncones, Mexico


Join Kathleen and Carol on a blissful retreat to Troncones, Mexico. Troncones is a small fishing village with unspoiled beaches, sea turtles, whales and colorful sunset. It’s a quiet and quaint place to build a foundation of bliss with yoga, ayurveda and meditation practices.

Your retreat is at the beachfront Casa Manzanillo Bed and Breakfast along the Manzanillo Bay. Imagine your days bookended with baby humpback whales (la ballena jorobadas) practice their breaching while enjoying breakfast to colorful sunsets from a private cabana. Retreat to bed for a blissful night of sleep to the lullaby of ocean waves.

Each day starts with a light breakfast before a morning Yoga Class at Yoga del Pacifico, just a 5 minute walk down the beach. Return for an early Ayurvedic lunch and learn session. Throughout the week, we’ll build the foundation of an Ayurvedic lifestyle in the Kitchen and how to bring these practices home with you. Your afternoons will provide additional yoga classes, relaxation and activity time, concluded with a light dinner.

We’ve scheduled in plenty of time to relax in a hammock, book a massage, explore the beaches and tide pools, visit the quaint town of Troncones, go whale watching, surfing, help sea turtle hatchlings into the ocean and sunset horseback rides along the beach. 


If you are a bliss seeker, with any level of yoga or Ayurveda experience, this retreat is designed for you.

Join us to build or rebuild your foundations of Bliss.



This retreat is a break from your daily stresses and responsibilities, where you can rebuild your foundational self-care practices of yoga, ayurveda and meditation, leading you back to a state of bliss, your true nature.

You’ll Get

  • Transportation from/to ZIH Airport and Casa Manzanillo

  • Seven nights of beachfront accommodations at Casa Manzanillo Bed and Breakfast

  • Three daily Ayurvedic meals prepared by Carol, local chefs and restaurants

  • Daily yoga classes and Ayurveda cooking classes 

  • Coffee, tea, fresh juice and snacks

  • All yoga props

  • Yoga and Ayurveda inspired gift basket

  • Opening and closing ceremonies

Additional Activities Available 

  • Relaxing massage treatments

  • Naps in hammocks

  • Ocean excursions, such as whale watching or sea turtle hatchling releases

  • Bikes available to ride into town

  • Sunset horseback riding along the beach

  • Shopping and restaurant time in Troncones

  • and more!

You'll Leave

  • Feeling rested and renewed

  • With a beautiful gift basket

  • A blissful yoga practice

  • Easy  Ayurvedic meal plan and the skills to create delicious meals

  • Practices to connect with your inner bliss

  • Friendships, memories and experiences that last a lifetime

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This is an example of how our days might unfold

                      6:30 am | Morning Light Breakfast

                      9:00- 10:30 am |  Morning Yoga @ Yoga del Pacifico

                      11:00 am |  Early Ayurvedic Lunch with Cooking Demonstrations

                      1:00 - 4:00 pm |  Free Time

                      4:00 - 5:00 pm |  Afternoon Restorative Yoga and Pranayama @ Yoga del Pacifico 

                      1:00 - 4:00 pm |  Free Time

                      6:30 pm |  Evening Meal and Sunset


Nestled in a small bay minutes away from Troncones Mexico, Casa Manzanillo is a private, beachfront bed and breakfast. Casa Manzanillo is an intimate setting for a retreat and we have the entire house for our retreat. There are sweet locations to slip away and enjoy your downtime in a hammock, a cabana for the sunset, the pool or sitting rooms throughout the house. 

All suites have an ensuite bathroom and air conditioning.  Location preference is based on first come-first serve availability.  

                     Sunset Room - King and Twin Beds

                     Beach Room - King and Twin Beds

                     Jungle - King and Twin Beds

                     Point - King and Double Beds

                     Bay - King and Double Beds

                     Bridge - King Bed (couples or private)

                     Ocean - King Bed (couples or private)

                    Room Views and amenities


$2,499 per person with Double Occupancy

Private accommodations are available at an additional $600.


Triple accommodations available upon request, please contact for availability and pricing.  

Reservation accepted with $750 deposit and balance due by November 1, 2022. 

Payment Plan available upon request. 


  • A valid passport (expiration date is at least 6 months before travel dates) is required to enter Mexico. 

  • Visas are not required for Mexico

  • Destination airport is Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa (ZIH) Airport

  • Ground transportation provided to hotel and back to airport

  • Private travel insurance is highly recommended


At this time participant are required to present a negative COVID-19 test taken no more than three days before their arrival at the retreat. Rapid testing will be available onsite. Participant are solely responsible for complying with all COVID-19 travel requirements of their departure and destination country. We reserve the right to adjust this policy to reflect changes in the environment. 

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Ready to hang out with us?

Reserve your spot today! 

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Your Hosts

Other Information

Participant is responsible for cost: 

  • Airfare to/from Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa (ZIH) Airport

  • Additional excursions, surf lessons and/or rentals

  • Massages/bodywork

  • Alcohol (not provided on premises)

  • Travel insurance (highly recommended)

  • Gratuities

Booking your flight

Plan to book your flight to arrive at the Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa (ZIH) Airport as early as possible on February 4th.  Checkout is on February 11th at 11am. 

Once your flight information is attained, please forward it to Carol at carolnace@bodhi-ayurveda.com so we can arrange transportation to Casa Manzanillo. 


Transportation from the airport and to the airport from Casa Manzanillo is included in your retreat package. All other transportation, such as trips to town or excursions, are not included, but can be arranged as needed. Costs associated with these additional trips are the participant's responsibility. 

Travel Insurance

Obtaining travel insurance to protect your investment in the retreat is each Participant's responsibility.  Though it is not required, it is highly recommended. 

Passport/Visa Requirements:


Traveling to Mexico requires a current, valid Passport for US citizens.  No VISA required.  Passport information and requirements can be found at the US Passport and International Travel website


Your initial deposit of $750 is partially refundable at 50% for a limited time.  If you find an alternate to take your spot on the retreat, your deposit can be transferred to that person.  No refunds available within 60 days of the trip.


If the retreat needs to be cancelled for reasons directed by Bodhi Ayurveda or Villa Ananda, deposits will be returned.  If the retreat were to be rescheduled for any reason, you have the opportunity to reschedule or refund your deposit. 

Participant Expectations

In respect for all the participants on the retreat, we expect that all participants will treat each other with the utmost respect. We request that participants refrain from using profanities, consuming alcohol or engaging physical altercations with other participants. Bodhi Ayurveda and Villa Ananda reserves the right to request any participant to leave the resort due to misconduct or creating an unsafe environment. 

Bringing Children

Your retreat is best suited for mature children and adults.  As you consider bringing your child or children on the retreat, please note that there will not be special activities, child care or places for them to engage.  If your child is interested and in being involved with scheduled activities, we welcome them completely.  If you have any questions or concerns as to whether your child would enjoy or benefit from the experience, please contact Carol directly.  

What to Bring

February in Mexico will be cool mornings and warm, sunny, bright days!  Make sure you pack accordingly by including sunscreen, sunglasses and other sun protection.  Dress comfortably and modestly. Avoid revealing or extremely tight outfits, including for yoga.  Many individuals wear white during their stay, but it is not required. 

Monetarily, we will be required to use Pesos while in Mexico.  The need for money while at Casa Manzanillo and Yoga del Pacifico will be limited additional costs associated with excursions, treatments and tips. If you plan on taking a trip into the local town, plan to bring some shopping money. 

What NOT to Bring

We will not allow for any illegal substances (drugs), firearms or other weapons to be present on the retreat.  Violation of this policy may result in, but not limited to us requesting an early departure from the retreat. Whereas alcohol is allowed, we do encourage you to minimize your consumption during the trip. 

Travel Health Insurance

Obtaining health insurance for any trip outside the US is a personal choice.  It may be best to start by contacting your personal health insurance company to discuss what is or isn't covered when traveling to Mexico.  Based on that conversation, you can make the decision to obtain health insurance. 

Safety while in Mexico

The news about traveling in Mexico can leave one concerned about your personal safety.  Of course any travel has its risks, yet we will feel very safe while at Casa Manzanillo.  All our transportation from/to the airport, day trips is with Yoga del Pacifico staff.  The cove is very private with very limited public access. If you choose to travel outside on your own, it is important to make your location known by others and be aware of your surroundings.  Avoiding alcohol while in public spaces is also advisable. 

Contact Information

Carol Nace

Bodhi Ayurveda



Carol Nace

Enlightened Living Coach

Bodhi Ayurveda

Carol is a Certified Ayurveda Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist,  PanchaKarma technician and Functional Medicine Coach.  She founded Bodhi Ayurveda in 2011 and opened her Wellness Spa in 2015.  She offers a variety of traditional ayurvedic spa therapies, detoxification programs and educational workshops.  

Carol has studied with Vaidya Ram Kant Mishra, Dr. Vasant Lad, Dr. Avinash Lele and many other renowned leaders in Ayurveda. Carol compliments her Ayurveda as a Functional Medicine Wellness Coach, bringing the eastern and western approaches of wellness together. Full bio

Kathleen Wright

Director and Founder

Garden of Yoga


Kathleen Wright is the founder and director of the Garden of Yoga and cofounder of Yoga Circle and Wild Onion Yoga in Chicago, IL and Bhavana Institute for Yoga and Ayurveda. She began her formal study of Yoga in 1974, and has taught yoga since 1976. Kathleen began her formal studies of Yoga at the Himalayan Institute  under the direct guidance of Swami Veda Bharati . She holds a degree in Movement Education from the University of Minnesota, and is a 1983 graduate of the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco and has studied in India with the Iyengar family, including B.K.S. Iyengar and Geeta Iyengar and Prashant Iyengar on many different occasions. She is also a Certified Ayurvedic Educator. Full bio


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