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Is Functional Medicine the new Ayurveda?

Defining Functional Medicine and Ayurveda

Functional Medicine is all the buzz in the medical world right now, but what exactly is it? Coming straight from the Institute of Functional Medicine's website, the description is

"Functional Medicine determines how and why illness occurs and restores health by addressing the root causes of disease for each individual."

Hmm, sounds familiar to me. But Why? Where have I heard this before?

Well, Ayurveda, that is where! Ayurveda, the system of Life Knowledge, has a very similar definition. According to one of the main texts of Ayurveda, the Charak Samhita, Ayurveda is practiced by understanding that

"Cause, symptom and knowledge of medicine are three main factors to maintain total health which yields good work and bliss in life".

Both systems of medicine and wellness look at each person as a unique individual, with different experiences, habits and personalities. They both understand that the same disease has a different path from root to current state, thus each needs to be treated uniquely.

What is old is new again

To hear some of the key leaders in Functional Medicine talk, such as Mark Hyman and Jeff Bland, they often proclaim that Functional Medicine is revolutionary to the world of Medicine. To me, I believe, this knowledge has been around forever, just in a different language and form! Now, I'll admit that today's science to study the body's functions and systems is incredible and fascinating. Yet, conceptually, much of it was already understood and addressed by Ayurveda.

The best example is how gut health is the primary focus to address health. Functional Medicine will test lab results for all sorts of vitamins, minerals, micro biome, genetics, and more. In Ayurveda, digestive health is measured via the doshas, qualities of digestion and physical diagnosis, such as tongue and pulse. Regardless of the method of evaluation, both will recommend food as medicine.

Integrating Functional Medicine with Ayurveda

With all this similarity in practices and with many clients coming for coaching and wellness support using modern medical terminology, I felt there was a gap in how I could best provide coaching. So, over the past year, I studied Functional Medicine by taking the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy certification program. I'm proud to share that just this past week, July 30th 2018, I received my certification as a Functional Medicine Coach. Yahoo!

When you entrust Bodhi Ayurveda with helping attain your health goals, you are guided towards making new lifestyle, diet and self care behaviors that align modern Functional Medicine with Ancient practices of Ayurveda, combining the best of both systems into a individualized program just for you. Coaching can be done in person or remotely via video conferencing, another benefit of modern science!

Want to learn more?

Learn more about the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy.

Is coaching with Bodhi Ayurveda for you? Contact us at carolnace@bodhi-ayurveda.com or 262-893-1757 to schedule a complimentary 15 minute discovery sessions.

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