• Carol Nace

3 Reasons Why I don’t offer Group Cleanses

Ayurveda group cleanses and detox programs seem to be all the rage. To test this, I googled “ayurveda group cleanse” and received over 3.7 million hits on the topic. And that was just focusing on Ayurveda cleanses!

In Ayurveda, cleansing and detoxification (panchakarma) is as old as the practice, which is thousands of years old. In good health, we should be detoxing gently on a daily basis with proper digestion, assimilation and elimination. Seasonally, focused cleansing and detoxification actions can be taken to rid you of built up toxins and imbalances.

Though many offer group cleanses where everyone receives the same instructions, products and recipes to perform the cleanse, I have chosen not to do so. Why? Here are my top 3 reasons.

1. It is a personal matter

In a group cleanse, often everyone is given the same recipes, herbs and instructions. This is counterintuitive to the personalized approach that Ayurveda thrives on. Each cleanse should be tailored to you and your individual needs.

2. Wrong timing

The timing of the cleanse is set by the leader, not you. If the cleansing window does not fit into your schedule, you may end up making poor choices or giving up all together. An Ayurvedic cleanse or detox should be done when you can be quiet and generally at home, allowing you to take loving care of yourself.

Also, the time of year can impact the results of your cleanse. In Ayurveda, Spring and Fall are the best seasons.

3. Your Mind and Body are not ready

You may have contraindications to performing a cleanse and not even know it. Without a personal evaluation, it is tough to determine if an ayurvedic cleanse or detox is right for you at this time. Otherwise, you run the risk of going into detox shock, which can cause serious discomforts and issues with your health.

At Bodhi Ayurveda, I offer personalized cleanses which can be done at home or in our clinic. Before making the recommendation for a home cleanse or detox (panchakarma), I work with you individually to ensure the right plan, timing and preparations are done.

Fall cleanses and detox programs are being offered now through November 30th, 2017.

If you are interested in learning more about my personalized approach to Ayurveda cleansing and detoxification, check out our website at www.bodhi-ayurveda.com or call Carol at 262-893-1757 for a complimentary conversation to assess your readiness.

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