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Nurture Yourself

Nurture yourself

Welcome to 2017! It is the time of year for reflections and resolutions. For me, I take time to be quiet during the transition to the New Year. I use this time not only to reflect on the past year, but to also listen to my inner self.

By going quiet, our inner voice is given a chance to be heard and remind us of what we need most. This year, I was reminded of the need to nurture ourselves. It is a message I often delivery to my clients, nurture yourself everyday.

Thankfully, we can all learn to nurture ourselves by bringing ayurvedic practices into our day. Here are the three self nurturing tips:

1. Respectfully take time for yourself every day

Start out each day by taking care of yourself first. Starting your day with nurturing ayurvedic practices such as meditation, self massage and yoga leaves you feeling prepared to take care of everything and everyone else.

If you are like me, it can be easy to tell yourself you will get to it "later". Unfortunately what ends up happening is you find yourself running around, taking care of others and you are left exhausted, frustrated and out to time. Start with you!

2. Know yourself and what you need

One of the primary reasons that we see the progression of disease in Ayurveda is by making choices that go against our nature. An Ayurvedic lifestyle takes into account our unique constitution, the change of seasons and our current state of wellness. Through knowledge and self awareness, you can make choices of food, daily routines, herbs, exercise and bodywork that nurture you and keep you well.

Getting to know yourself through the teachings of Ayurveda can be done through consultation and workshops offered by Bodhi Ayurveda. Interested in learning more, contact me here.

3. Replace instead of Repress

We are all facing a number of choices everyday. We may struggle with choices that tempt our cravings, favorite foods and habits but are not best for us. Instead of telling yourself you can't have or do something, be positive and think about what you can choose as a replacement that nourishes you. This switch in inner dialog to a positive tone is empowering and helps you stay on track with nurturing choices that can become new habits and cravings.

As a final tip, please be kind to yourself as you work through a resolution to bring more self nurturing practices into your day. Every day can be seen as the start of a new year and a nurtured you.

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