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Get Prana flowing with Marma Massage

Ayurveda is most commonly defined as the science of life. But, what does it mean to have life? Of course we need food, water and air to stay alive, yet we can go without eating or drinking for hours, even days, and we can hold our breath for a short period of time. All the while we remain alive. So, what is it that brings about life? In Ayurveda, we call this energetic flow, Prana.

This sutra loosely translates to "as long as prana flows in the body, one is alive". Prana comes from universal sources of energy and flow through everything. The way prana is received, flowing and used supports our wellness. If prana is weakened in our physiology, either by our choice in diet or lifestyle activities, nature or season changes, we begin to experience dis-ease. Revitalizing prana is the ultimate rejuvenator.

With all the different energy healing modalities out there, it may not be a surprise that Ayurveda also has a modality to manage prana. Prana flows through our physical body via energy channels called Nadis. There are tens of thousands of channels which branch out to feed prana to all our different systems, tissues, and organs. At these branches, gaps exist between them and prana is transformed to support the branches' destinations. This tranformational gap is a marma.

In the lineage I study (Shanka Vansiya Ayurveda), we recognize 107 major marmas over the entire body and another 27 marmas along the spine. Prior to a marma massage, I assess the pulse to evaluate how prana is currently being received, flowing and used. Based on the pulse reading, a unique routine is designed, selecting the marma points which will be massaged. During the massage, each marma point is gently massaged with herbal creams while I silently chant mantras for added vibrational healing.

So, how does such a subtle technique make us feel better? Often the experience of a marma massage results with you experiencing a renewed sense of energy flow, which can also be felt in the pulse. Also, if there are specific conditions of dis-ease, a marma massage can reduce the immediate symptoms. Over time, regular marma massages along with proper ayurvedic diet and lifestyle, wellness can be optimized.

I'm very excited to start introducing marma massage to the public. As an incentive to try it out yourself, during the months of June and July I am offering a $20 savings on any marma massage treatment at my studio in Mequon. I am located just 15 minutes north of downtown Milwaukee, WI.

If you are in the Milwaukee area, I invite you to schedule your 60 minute or 90 minute Marma massage at www.bodhi-ayurveda.com.

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