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Updated: Jan 19

Welcome to a repost of my first post!

Any time someone is first introduced to me or the fact that I am a practitioner of Ayurveda, I am often asked two questions, "What is Ayurveda" and "How did you come to be interested in Ayurveda?" You can learn more about Ayurveda in coming posts. For this post, I will be answering the second question.

It all started about 10 years ago when I took my first yoga class. My employer was starting to offer health classes at work and yoga was one of them. For a great deal of something like $25 for 10 classes, I decided I would give this yoga thing a try.

At first, I HATED everything about the asana practice. I remember thinking "how long are we going to stay in this down dog thing? when do we get to the corpse thing?" Like I said, I hated doing the poses, I hated them for years. What kept me coming back was a sense of being alive after each class. Often, I would be leaving the class and building with a lightness in my step and a buzz throughout my body and mind that I craved to attain over and over again. So, in the search for that yoga induced buzz, I kept going back.

In those first few classes I learned of Ayurveda, a sister science to yoga. The word and concept intrigued me, especially the concept that I could be happy and healthy based on understanding what foods and lifestyle practices were uniquely best for me. It just made sense. I left that class trying my best to remember this strange sanskrit word, Ayurveda, and the name of one of the only if not only practitioners in the city at that time. I did write it down and tucked it away in a folder for over a year.....then I fell sick in the summer of 2006.

It was in that summer of 2006 that years of eating, drinking and smoking and other lifestyle choices, along with a collapsing relationship caught up with me. My entire life was a mess. My digestion was all over the place (IBS), the anxiety I felt was literally blinding me, and my hormones were completely out of whack with perimenopause symptoms in my mid 30s. I knew that if I went to my MD, I would likely be put on medications and the thought of that scared me. The commercials for these issues were all over TV and I feared that I would end up being on medications for the rest of my life with side effects or worse, addictive dependency. Then, I remembered that piece of paper, waiting for me, on it the strange sanskrit word, Ayurveda.

That little piece of paper was still in that folder. I usually don't keep things like this, and I do believe it was by divine design that I did. It was as if it was waiting for me to be ready. Boy, was I ready! I pulled it out, still not sure if I had written down the information right, and began my search. It may be surprising, but in 2006, the internet wasn't as robust as it is now and Ayurveda in Milwaukee was practically non-existent. Even this must have been part of a divine plan, as I was able to find Cheryl Silberman of Kanyakumari.

My first consultation was quite emotional as you can imagine. My entire life was not working for me. All aspects of my health - physical, emotional and mental were affected. I received such empathy and care. The questions were complete and took into account everything (and I mean everything) that was going on with me and how my life was lived. After waiting the two weeks, I went back for my ayurvedic constitution and recommendations. They were all focused on diet, lifestyle and herbs. It was my first introduction to Ayurveda and it all made sense.

Based on my constitution and imbalances, I had a lot to change. Since I figured I had nothing to lose, I decided to dive in as completely as possible. I did the diet, took the herbal remedies and made many lifestyle changes. After 30 days, I was hooked! The changes were tremendous. In that first month, I lost over 10 pounds, my anxiety was improving and I was sleeping better. Over the months that followed, steady improvement continued and my hormones regulated as well.

I wanted to learn more and started to read, take workshops and explore the practice of panchakarma cleanses. The entire process of transitioning to an ayurvedic life launched me into a direction I did not expect. I left my relationship. I finished my MBA, even though I realized that I wanted to learn how to share this amazing gift of Ayurveda with others. I felt that to keep it to myself would be theft from others.

Fast forward 9 years...... I am now a daily meditator, practitioner of Iyengar yoga, a licensed massage therapist, panchakarma technician and certified ayurveda practitioner. An ayurvedic lifestyle will be a discipline I will continue to explore and study, while sharing it passionately with everyone I can.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. If you would like to learn more about Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda and Panchakarma, please follow my blog and check out upcoming articles.

Have an enlightened day!


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