What is PanchaKarma

Panchakarma is an in-depth detoxification process that focuses on removing toxins and excess doshas from the body and mind. As toxins accumulate through poor digestion, poor food quality or chemicals, it can affect our body and mind's ability to function optimally.  Also, if our conduct is out of synch with our true nature or our environment, dosha (vata, pitta and kapha) can become aggravated, resulting in dis-ease.  It is through the phases of Panchakarma that we draw these toxins and excess doshas out of the body and into the digestives system for removal.  


The three phases of Panchakarma are Purvakarma, PradhanaKarma and Paschtakarma.


Phase One: Purvakarma

This is a preparatory phase that is done at home for a minimum of 5 days prior to in house clinic treatments.  This phase includes self care and diet changes that are helping prepare your body to release the toxins. Specifically, Purvakarma includes three preparatory measures; digestive therapy, oleation and steam. 

Phase Two: Prandhanakarma

PradhanaKarma, the Main Therapeutic Treatments, is the second stage of Panchakarma. Once phase one is completed the main treatments of purification are initiated. It is by this method that the aggravated doshas and toxins are removed from the body. It traditionally includes five types of main operative procedures popularly known as the fundamental practices of Panchakarma.  These procedures are Vamana (therapeutic vomiting), Virechana (purgation), Nasya (Nasal treatment), Basti (therapeutic enemas) and RakshaMoksha (bloodletting).  

In this program, we limit the procedures to Virechana, Nasya and Bastis. 

Phase Three: Paschtakarma

Now is the time to restore and rejuvenate. During the days, weeks and months after your panchakarma treatments, it is important to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle.  It is in this period of time that you are rebuilding healthy tissues, rejuvenating your digestion and avoiding new toxin buildup.  

Continue to follow the recipes provided during the cleanse.  Slowly reintroduce other healthy foods that will be instructed for you.

Your Panchakarma Schedule

Starting at least 5 days prior to Phase One, we will have a consultation to customize your Panchakarma and establish your at home preparation.   Once this consultation is completed you will be sent home with all the instructions, recipes and at home preparation supplies needed.  


Included in your home supplies:

  • 4oz bag digestive tea blend

  • 8oz bottle self massage oil

  • 6oz bag masala spice blend (digestive blend)

  • 3oz bag of Soma Salt

  • 32oz jar of Vaidya Mishra’s cultured ghee

  • 4oz bottle of Castor Oil

  • ​.5 oz bottle Nasya Oil

  • Recipe book

  • Guidebook

  • Daily emails

After home preparation of Phase One is completed, a series of days will be scheduled in sequence for in house treatments. Once this is completed, a final post panchakarma consultation will be conducted to transition you back to your daily routines.  


Pricing for Panchakarma is dependent on how many days of bodywork you receive and includes the pre and post consultations and all supplies listed above.   Treatment days are 3 hours long and include an initial consultation, Nasya treatment, abhyanga, swedana and shirodhara. 


Number of Treatment Days              Single Therapist           Dual Therapists

3 Days - minimum recommended                $1,375                               $1,599

Additional Day                                               $   350                               $   425


Because each plan is unique, there may be additional products or services recommended to meet your goals.  When you are recommended any additions of product or services to your plan, they will be discounted by 5%. 

When is it best to perform Panchakarma?

Panchakarma is best during the spring and fall seasons.  At Bodhi Ayurveda, we offer specific windows of time during these seasons when we offer Panchakarma. 

Fall 2019 - October 14th - November 15th

Spring 2020 - TBD

Should I receive Panchakarma? 

The best answer I can give here is .... it depends.  Depending on your current health, ability to set aside the time to go through the three phases and other factors, we may recommend Panchakarma or instead offer coaching on how to best prepare for Panchakarma in the future.  It is always best to contact Carol to discuss this first. 

Enlightened Members

If you are an Enlightened Member, special discounted pricing is available.  Contact Carol for pricing details. 


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