Ayurveda Coaching

Initial Ayurveda Coaching Session

Perfect for your first coaching session, giving us ample time to talk, listen and devise your wellness goals and a plan to achieve them.  During this 90 minutes, we will go over your intake form, assess your ayurvedic constitution and current balance, discuss your wellness goals and create a wellness plan based on Ayurveda nutrition, lifestyle and routines.  

90 Minutes     $150

Ayurveda Coaching Package

Are you looking to understand your true nature and how to eat and live in harmony?  Do you need support in reaching your wellness goals in a natural, holistic way?  

A  consultation package provides you with a deeper understanding and knowledge of your ayurvedic constitution, management of current imbalances, ayurvedic diet and lifestyle routines for your constitution.   These sessions also provide  you with follow up, adjustments and encouragement.  Email support available during the time between appointments.  

3  -  60 min visits        $285

NOTE: Coaching sessions may be broken down into 30 minute sessions. 

Single Coaching Session

Individual coaching sessions are focused to provide ayurvedic information  regarding diet, lifestyle, herbs and therapies that can guide you back into balance or provide support to current conditions.  This session is recommended for individuals who are curious about Ayurveda or are already implementing an ayurvedic lifestyle. Follow up emails with notes of our conversation are sent after the session. 

60 Min        $100                 

additional 15 Min increments   $25

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